Analysing Emergent Performance

Posted on 13 April 2012 by Wendy Keay-Bright


Two events have provided us with compelling data for analysing emergent qualities of performance. Firstly at Ashgrove Special School music day, where Darrell and Adam set up 2 cameras and a VPA system, capturing engagement with Somantics from a dual perspective. Secondly, at the Touch Trust where we relied on a single camera and mindful participation within the activity. In both scenarios, using input data from the kinect sensor mirrored though the Somantics body schema outputs, we have a powerful, empirical opportunity to study interactive gestures. Each session benefited from post activity review by experts with deep knowledge of the subjects, from teaching, occupational therapy and dance therapy professions. Building on their feedback, which suggested unprecedented levels of engagement, the next stage is to analyse the video in relation to the experience of flow, presence, social bonding and cause and effect (Godoy and Leman, 2010).

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  1. Jon Moore Says:

    I had the great pleasure to work on the video performance analysis solution at the Touch Trust event, it was truly fascinating to observe the clients progressions through their engagement with the interactive Somantics body schema outputs, the affective change throughout these progressions were clearly observed.

    Regards to all involved

    Jon Moore

  2. Wendy Keay-Bright Says:

    Thanks Jon

    It was really good to have you there. The latest session was with a much different group -PMLD. They were actually easier to observe as they were interested even as we were setting up. When we demonstrated the VPA tools at school, they created a lot of interest, allowing staff to observe interaction that they “had never seen before”.


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