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Hello readers,

Unfortunately, this is a post that I am not enjoying writing! If you visit the site regularly, you may have noticed that things are looking a bit different.


Upon changing the hosting package for this website, the database of site information was lost into an internet black hole. This means that a lot of the amazing and hugely appreciated content that has been provided by you, the community, is sadly no longer available. I am truly sorry that this has happened, but sadly there is nothing I can do to recover those posts and insightful comments that were provided and reviewed and referred to by many.


I have managed to reinstate the site to an old database backup from 2012 so not everything has been lost. We can only move forward from here, so I do hope that as a community, we can all re-submit old blogs and provide new blogs to increase the site content and provide an open resource of blogs for learners, practitioners and researchers to benefit from and communicate around.

If you have copies of your old blogs or new blogs to submit, please send an email to info@visualperformanceanalysis.com and I will look to repost those onto the site.


Once again, I am very sorry and quite honestly devastated about all of this.


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