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Posted on 03 November 2011 by Jon Moore

Thank you for expressing your interest in the possible consultancy that my new company can offer. As requested, I have just put a few key points forward to summarise what AnalysisPro can offer to any National Government Body or individual organisation. This is evidenced from a proven track record of working with organisations, such as the Welsh Rugby union, England hockey,etc.

The key approach to our consultancy is the order of importance of the 3 following drivers to affect change and improve the effectiveness of performance analysis:

Process   People   Products

15 years ago, when technology and digitisation came into our sporting organisations, this line of importance was probably reversed. Companies would tell us what their products were, then the next question remained who were the people to operate such technology, and then the question remained where could this process fit and stimulate improvements throughout the sectors in our organisation.

Today, we understand the process of performance analysis and how it can be positioned to stimulate an organisation from top to bottom; pulling together departments and resources (performance, coaching education, referee development, media and commercial content etc.). We have also identified and can develop the people, both coaches and analysts, who have the skill-sets to work at the highest functionality of this process.  So it is now a question of making the process and people ask the questions of the companies to get the right synergy between a number of products to create a ‘total’ solution. To date, no company has the full portfolio of hardware and software to build this solution.

Within my company, I have formulated a powerful team of associates to enable my organisation to offer a unique, world-class supply of consultancy processes. This includes some of the highest operational skills of our preferred software, SportsCode Elite and associated software, which allows us to offer customised template design and ergonomic workflows, continued professional development support to end-users and any training needs in software and performance analysis methodology. Darrell Cobner is a leading practitioner in this field and would accelerate any organisations ability to gain return on their investment in such software and processes.

Mark Davis is one of my colleagues who has recently completed a audit of the post-World Cup needs and requirements of New Zealand rugby. This type of audit is essential to ensure the success of any performance analysis structural process. Please see some high line titles of what this process entails (below).

Hopefully this will give you an indication of the levels of consultancy and experience I have to offer, gained over a unique career in performance analysis and coaching spanning over 25 years of experience.

Best wishes,
Jon Moore

Executive Summary


What is the analysis need?

Business need and stakeholders

System options

Coding options


Team Analysis

Data and Video Collaboration


Franchise Arrangements

Financial implications

Revenue and capital costs

Next Steps

Timescale Change


Audit Review

Scenarios and Options

Development plan

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