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Posted on 29 March 2012 by Jon Moore

With over 15 years experience in performance analysis using digital technologies in sport creating workflows to impact on performance in a positive manner, we are now flipping those workflow processes to achieve a video audit of competency in industry.


AnalysisPro Ltd are involved in a pilot and ongoing project which uses well founded processes from the sporting performance analysis industry and applies them to a training delivery competency assessment. This confirms understanding and levels of procedural processes, along with risk management in a public area.


A quality recording of a training delivery is assessed in a timeline-based analysis software, this is coded using a chain of notation methodology categorising the key areas and information deliveries throughout the whole training process.


The workers are assessed after the delivery of this training, this is also processed in the same manner and provides evidence based video records of competency during this training event assessment. Following this training delivery the employees are assessed on-site, this public assessment completes a video audit for this worker.


As a result of these workflows and processes deployed, we create a natural resource for an online library to remind workers of the delivery of training and a permanent record of the level of competency and possible training needs for that employee. In these crucial public domains, where managing risk is paramount, this workflow provides an evidence-based video audit of competency, and could be argued is the very solution to have impact on public liability insurance dilemmas.


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