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Posted on 10 July 2012 by Jon Moore

As a result of reading the SAS of Performance Analysis blog and responding to the themes that are running throughout our Performance Analysis industry, AnalysisPro Ltd are bringing new processes, people and synergy initiatives to the organisations involved in this exciting industry.

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Being able to effectively continue the development process of working practices on timeline-based products with new affordable PC-based products, such as Nacsport, is enabling AnalysisPro Ltd to utilise a decade of experience in this field.  Combining this experience with the associates also available to our consultancy, we have developed a roadmap from the elite level to the grassroots of any organisation which will empower any school, college or junior club to utilise the elite processes through training, communication and access to affordable, synergetic products. This promotes analysis for all by making the software and processes easily available for everyone down to the grass roots.


Our focus becomes the people working in the grassroots of the game that underpins our national/elite performance. The synergetic workflows between products such as Team Performance Exchange and any timeline-based product becomes a powerful combination, not only allowing us to affect change in our team’s day to day performance, but also enabling us to transfer knowledge amongst different levels for the development of our sport.


The synergy between developing defined standards of process and offering certification of competency is a challenge that AnalysisPro Ltd and Lear Training are tackling by combining their resources together to bring opportunities to any NGB. The implementation of a performance analysis certification program, sets a model of standards of competency for a practitioner within this field outside the normal education pathways; this is something that we believe grassroots levels are now quickly maturing towards.


We are looking to talk to people at any level within any sport interested in the promotion of these industry standards.

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