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Posted on 20 August 2012 by Simon Barbour

Hi All,

This video hopefully demonstrates how mac automation can simplify and streamline workflows in performance analysis.  Using iKey, it is possible to automate areas of your workflow such as opening files and copying set data, converting movies, exporting documents, moving items, printing exported documents and uploading data to given URLs, all with one key stroke or at a set time of day.  Many of these automated processes are possible using applescript and automator, but iKey offers a very user friendly and simple way of automating mouse clicks, button presses and selecting menu items.

I hope it proves as useful for you as it as been for me.


Simon Barbour

Leicester Tigers Head Analyst


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  1. Jon Moore Says:

    Hi Simon

    This is a great example of “process” and the “people” behind it are the cutting edge of our growth in this industry, taking a affordable third-party product and enhancing a timeline-based product to have greater functionality is the growth that the community from top to bottom is hungry for. Your readiness to share this to the community is a breath of fresh air and I congratulate you on the innovative process you have been working with and for creating a SharePoint for this information.



  2. Josh Bryan Says:

    If you have any questions for Simon about how to use iKey, please post them here as he has said that he will try to respond as best as he can (bear in mind that it is a very busy time with the season so close to starting!)

    If you have experience with using iKey or other automation software, please share with the community so that others can see the benefits of developing these powerful workflows.

  3. Darren Lewis Says:

    Hey Si,

    Great video mate. Simple product to save a bucket load of time at a great price! I’ve been fiddling around with automator for a long time but with limited success … can iKey work in tandem with automator or is it easier to stick to one program?

  4. Hai-Binh Ly Says:

    Great video Simon and thanks for sharing! This is certainly next-level thinking in PA and something to ponder about in my own workflows.

  5. Simon Barbour Says:

    Hi Darren

    Thanks mate, as you might have guessed though I’m not really a natural screencast producer but i’m glad the content was ok. Yes, running it with automator is not an issue, simply treat it as any ordinary application in the editor itself. Its best to launch automator before you begin an iKEY script so you can simply access it from a drop down menu e.g. “Context” then application – “Automator”. You can also add pre existing apple script using the drop down menu in Commands “Run script from file” or “Run script from text”. I hope that helps



  6. Richard Whiffin Says:

    Nice video Si,

    A great way to improve workflow and speed of mundane tasks. Have been slaving away for a few years now with Automator, whereas this App looks a much neater way of doing it. Keep up the good work buddy


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