Part 1: My Journey Through Work Based Learning

Posted on 03 April 2012 by Adam Cullinane



Work Based Learning

Like many other vocationally driven professions, the importance of experience is immeasurable. After reading the recent blogs by Darren Lewis on skill sets, this brought to the fore the importance Work Based Learning (WBL) holds in performance analysis. Many of the key traits Darren highlights are not taught in a traditional academic setting, but developed through engagement in practical experiences (often coupled with academic qualifications).

This is my 1st blog in a series based around WBL, inspired and formulated from my own learning experiences and journey thus far in performance analysis. To briefly summarise, my journey began 4 years ago and has included a variety of experiences, many positive and some negative. If one thing is certain, it’s that they have all impacted my future decisions and development in an exciting field. Having worked with different sports, various coaches, analysts, support staff and mentors, WBL has played an integral part in the development of my performance analysis skill set, working practice and journey to full time employment.

Varying definitions for WBL are offered across a number of mediums, therefore without offering a definition, I have summarised the main motivations and perceived outcomes for my engagement in WBL:

1)    To gain experience through working with skilled practitioners

2)    Bridge the gap between ‘learning to earning’

3)    Further understand the realities of work, subsequently preparing myself to make  informed decisions regarding working practice.

4)    To explore the principal/purpose to ‘lifelong learning’

Over the coming weeks I will share the experiences of my journey, so check back on Visual Performance Analysis to read more.


Adam Cullinane

Performance Analysis Officer

Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC)

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