Product Features Bring Process and Visual Ownership

Posted on 07 August 2012 by Jon Moore

Applying a structured process gives new validity to software’s feature sets. It is encouraging to see the video post in the link below where a structured performance analysis process is applying a new meaning to product features.  Software products such as Siliconcoach, Quintic, Dartish and timeline-based products like Nacsport etc have an abundance of innovative features ready for the performance analyst to apply for powerful data visualisation, which will enable the athlete to gain ownership of their performance and provide the coach with priceless information.

By making the platform accessible to the athlete in a one-on-one formative feedback, the tools available to visualise data can take our processes of effecting change to a new level.

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  1. Chris Baker Says:

    A nice, succinct video highlighting some unique performance analysis processes. It’s good to see some of the features being utilised in really worthwhile ways! Thanks for the link, Jon!

  2. Jon Moore Says:

    Hi Chris

    Thank you for your comment. Enabling the grassroots of any organisation to have visual performance analysis technology is an exciting challenge for a consultant like myself and I feel excited by the way our industry is moving towards this challenge. From my coaching background, I understand the importance of the individual one-on-one visual interventions as an accelerated pathway for the young generation. When we can afford this platform for such a connection to a young athlete, we also create an offspring of monitoring and validating their performance at a given time in their development; hence creating a talent identification opportunity which is even more exciting when we consider the current conversations about a legacy after the Olympic Games.



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