Product simplicity with complex thought processes

Posted on 18 April 2012 by Darren Lewis

Currently the market holds a vast array of products that support the performance analysis industry, from timeline based analysis products to online athlete management tools. Each product from either of these categories will be unique in its own way but will still have similar characteristics and features to the other products that are available in what is slowly becoming a congested market. Manufacturers of these products are all looking for the feature that will make their product the market leader and will claim that their “super feature” is worth the extra squeeze on your budget in times when no matter how hard you squeeze (or good the function may be), it is just not achievable or in actual fact necessary.

This can also often mean that products are packed full with functionality of which some can be highly beneficial whilst some are rendered completely redundant in the working day to day life of a performance analyst and are never ever used. The more affordable “simple” products that are available will more than likely be able to provide the same results as the “high end, elite user” products, you just have to be stood completely outside of the box to achieve them. This comes down to the users ability to stretch a product to its maximum, combine workflows from one product to another and innovate your way to the required outcome. The process of innovating your way to various outcomes will mean that your investment in a product is fully maximised and will also mean you are challenging yourself to be an expert.


Darren Lewis

Head Analyst Bath Rugby

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  1. Josh Bryan Says:

    Quote VPA Twitter: “Use a high end product? Or just be a high end user?”

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