Posted on 20 May 2012 by Darrell Cobner

*Video below*

As a performance analyst, it is critical to source, manage and maximise budget, resources and time.  When people have thorough knowledge of the process and the products they can operate effectively and efficiently to be as productive as possible. It is important to explore and implement new ideas/products to construct powerful workflows in working practice. However, the key questions to reflect on are:

  1. Do you maximise the tools you have access to?
  2. Are you aware of small investments that can have large impact on your outcomes?
  3. Do you organise people to enable each to contribute to the process?

Consider a scenario in the field where multiple people are available as a resource at a live performance. Firstly, quality footage is key, so a designated videographer is required to film the match in a bespoke fashion to ensure it is fit for purpose. Using this feed, an analyst can register actions, through ergonomic templates, to generate the required visual and statistical information. Beyond this, how can more people be incorporated into the process, such as a coach identifying key clips for recollection or an additional analyst supplementing the coding?

This associated video provides an idea of how this can be achieved using readily available peripheral devices. The templates used will be made available through the Members Lounge.


Darrell Cobner

Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC)

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  1. jenks09 Says:

    Hey Darrell
    Hope your well – interesting Video looks very familiar !!!
    Is NacSport – assuming thats the product here Windows only based therefore you need VMware or Bootcamp on a mac to run it ?
    Do they have a iPhone APP or is that a remote app that you have customised to look similar to your Coding Panel ?

  2. Darrell Cobner Says:

    Hi Steve,

    You’re correct. It is Nacsport, which is a Windows-based system; running in Bootcamp on the Mac in this instance. This is their Basic Plus version (<£500), which is a comparable timeline-based product as you point out.

    The iOS app is called Custom Keypad (£2.49), which I use to do all my remote coding. It is a versatile wireless process utilising the hotkey functionality built into the majority of PA software.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    Best wishes,

  3. JohnK Says:

    Hi Darrell

    Is Nacsport like Sportscode only it runs on Windows?
    Is the funtionality of a similar nature, from what you showed above it looks very similar. Can I create a code window with activation links and exclusive links as in Sportscode? What about producing some live outputs, is it capable of this?

    Thanks for any info that you can provide from a user perspective instead of the standard website blurb.


    John K

  4. Darrell Cobner Says:

    Hi John K,

    It is important, as you state, that this is merely an end-user perspective and was focussed on the empowering dynamic workflow, rather than the combination of products used and feature sets they have. Variations of the process could be done on the majority of software with the right ideas and exploration.

    Simply consider the questions:
    Does the software you use allow you to attribute hotkeys to buttons?
    Do you have an iOS device and access to a wireless network?

    The live, or interval-based (e.g. halftime), outputs are normally achievable through common third party software, such as dumping and flexibly interpreting data in Excel.

    With this as a prompt, I suggest you audit the functionality of the different levels of the software available on the commercial market.

    I hope this helps.


  5. Jarrad Griffiths Says:

    Hi Darrell,

    Very interesting video and the app looked very useful. Would like to know more about setting this up?

    At ODP, we do not have access to a quality wireless network, would purchasing an airport extreme be the best solution? Also, I was wondering how much of a range we could get with a ‘created’ wireless network? In various away stadiums our head coach will be sat in the opposite stand as my positioning (due to filming locations) varies from ground to ground.

    Thanks for your help

    Hope all is well

    Jarrad Griffiths
    London Welsh

  6. Darrell Cobner Says:

    Hi Jarrad,

    The instructions from the app provider are easy to follow and once you pick up the mechanics, it is simple to set up the templates.

    Airport Extremes work on both Windows 7 and Mac OS and can be piggy backed to create larger wireless clouds (power may be an issue depending on venue). However, stadium environments can be unpredictable with the volume of cellular devices the spectators have. Make sure you test it in these conditions…

    In an ideal world, logistically the coaches and analysts would all be at the same vantage point for confirmation of communication, but there are mechanisms around this, such as PocketCoder (75% off at the moment – £2.49).

    The Members Lounge is the environment for people to share more of their best practice and issues in the field. The discussion will continue there, I’m sure.

    All the best for the game tonight!


  7. leedunn Says:

    Hi Darrell,

    This add-on offers great functionality, I’ve been working on some templates of my own but I’m struggling to get my IPad to communicate with my code window on my mac. What method would you suggest using, the built in mac vnc server via screen sharing or a 3rd party vnc server?

    Kind Regards

    Lee Dunn

  8. Darrell Cobner Says:

    Hi Lee,

    I appreciate you have some more exploring to crack it.
    I hope you rise to the challenge in your personal learning journey.

    The Members Lounge is a community of providence; I refer you to my previous blog…


  9. Lee Dunn Says:

    Hi Darrell,

    Thanks for bringing the app to my attention, I’ve finally cracked the intricicies of the set up. Works great, now to test in a stadium environment via airport extreme to see if it will be a reliable process

    Best Wishes


  10. Darrell Cobner Says:

    Well done, Lee

    Glad to hear your persistence paid off


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