Team Performance Exchange: Review and Experiences

Posted on 27 November 2011 by Josh Bryan

Hello, my name is Josh Bryan and I am the analyst for UWIC RFC. One of the new pieces of kit we have been using to supplement our analysis and feedback with our players is a website called Team Performance Exchange (TPE). TPE is a useful base for securely sharing video content, documents and other information as a team, where players and coaches can start discussions on videos and send messages to individuals or groups of people on the website. Coaches can also check how many times and when a player has logged in and how many times they have watched or looked at the files that have been posted. This post will explain how I have used the website with the team and my overall experience of it.

We have been using TPE for a couple of months now with over 40 players that have represented the 1st XV. We use it regularly for our League and BUCS games to provide clips to the players on set piece, kicks, counter attacks and tries etc. These clips are either viewable by all of the team or whoever we select to view it. We therefore also provide certain players with individual clips of their performance and then start a discussion with them on the website underneath their video that only the player and coach can see. I have also created questionnaires for players to use when reviewing their performances which the coaches can easily see, uploaded their strength and conditioning data onto charts in their portfolio and uploaded stats sheets as pictures onto the site for either coaches or players to view.

I use SportsCode for our analysis and to generate clips for the website, but TPE is not just for Sportstec products. Any analysis software or simple video-creating tool can flexibly be used to produce clips for the website. So essentially, any analysis workflow and data produced from this can be quickly and easily plugged into TPE to provide easily viewable feedback for a team.

Overall, the website has proved to be a hugely flexible tool for every member of our team to communicate with each other by viewing and discussing clips as a group or individually. It has also allowed our coaches to see which players are ‘buying in’ to the support they are given and which need some more…encouragement.


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