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Posted on 13 May 2012 by Graham Cobden

As somebody who is still climbing the performance analysis ladder, I know what it is like trying to get experience to hopefully gain employment in the future. I have found that over the years it is hard to get experience, but the hard work you put in trying pays off in the end……I mean the experience I gained prior to applying to Warwickshire helped me get the internship there!


1). Its all about who you know!


Im sure most people will agree (especially students) that sometimes the people that you know can really help you to gain experience. In my experience, during my time at university I took advantage of a number of placement opportunities that became available due to the hard work of the lecturers and staff, which if they didn’t do this, I would not have the opportunity to have done. Its all about gaining contacts and getting to know people.


2). Broaden your horizons!


Don’t lose opportunities just because you are not familiar with the sport or you have no experience. Let it be known if a paid job came up in a sport which I didn’t know, I would still jump at it! I see any experience as a chance to learn and enhance my skills. I didn’t have the strongest interest in cricket before I started at Warwickshire CCC but as I started to learn and become accustomed to the environment and sport, I have really started to get into it and enjoy watching so never cut down your options due to unfamiliarity ……..opportunities are scarce so take what is available to you (or somebody else will!!!)


3). Think about where you send!


We have all done it, sent numerous CV’s to different sports clubs etc at the first email address you see and hope for the best, but wonder why nothing comes back?! Sports clubs are big businesses with hundreds if not thousands of emails and letters being received every week……so your email  is very likely to get lost in the pile! It pays to do some research into who you need to send it too, which person needs to see it for it to have the best chance of being successful. If the club has a performance analyst, then make sure you research their details and send it to them instead of the general info email where everything goes! Leading on from this to the next point………………………………….


4). Stand out!


I have heard numerous performance analysts say that they receive up to hundreds emails a day-week with speculative CV’s. The problem with standing out in this format is that CV’s are a similar format, which makes it hard to stand out and show creativity. Some pieces of advice I have been given include creating a blog, making videos and utilising social media…….twitter and linkedin are great ways to get advice and make contacts.


Finally…………..Dont give up!!!!!!! Perseverance is key, it can get hard, don’t expect miracles straight away but stop………if you want it enough, then keep going until all options are exhausted.


Graham Cobden

The Chester Analyst


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