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Posted on 14 June 2012 by Tom Simonds

Visual Performance Analysis invited us to describe our new and novel system for analysing shooting. We welcome this opportunity to introduce you to “Tru-Shot” which offers a unique, purpose-made training, coaching and diagnostic tool.


The Tru-Shot system features cutting edge technology which brings a scientific dimension to the analysis of a shooters technique – taking shooting into the 21st Century and giving shooters the ultimate unbeatable competitive edge.


So, what exactly is Tru-Shot?


Tru-Shot consists of a small purpose-built recorder, worn on the waist, which is linked to a miniature high-speed video camera stationed on the gun. The recorder comes complete with a high quality touch screen display, and is set up to record the footage of every shot automatically.  The last shot can then be played back immediately on the recorder or all shots taken can be downloaded later for further analysis.


The camera is mounted in front of the fore-end of the gun just under the barrel. This gives a unique viewing perspective without impeding the shooters natural technique.


The high quality video camera runs at 120 frames per second and has an integrated directional accelerometer which detects the recoil of gun. Once detected, the software records footage at a user defined number of seconds before and after the shot is fired.  The last shot recorded is available for immediate replay on the recorder touch screen.


The integrated software enables the user to view their shot on the recorder at 1/8th speed so they can analyse what they were trying to achieve, the margin of error and the precise correction required.


For further in depth analysis, the recorded footage, up to 1,000 shots, may be downloaded to a compatible computer.  Using the Tru-Shot analysis software, clips may be visually and audibly annotated thereby providing directed feedback and a permanent record of the coaching process.  In a soon to be released feature, footage may be submitted via the Tru-Shot web site to remote coaches allowing analysis to be undertaken (for a fee) by some of the leading exponents of the sport.


Remove the guesswork, watch the act of shooting, understand what is happening and take positive steps to make improvements. Watch the difference in the video below…



Visit for more details and contact information. We would also be interested in your feedback and ideas for analysing and visualising the data…?


Best wishes

Tom Simonds

Technical Director

Tru-Shot Ltd


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    Tom Simonds
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